Up The Creek
Royal Naval Hospital Stonehouse
A Pictorial Record
Between the Years
1762 - 1995
By Graham Evans

In August 2019, Graham "Taff" Evans passed away and will be sadly missed by all that knew him, as a friend , colleague and medical branch member.

Steve Edwards wrote on FB--

It is with great sadness and deep regret I have to report that our friend and colleague,"Taff" Graham Evans crossed the bar last night.
He lost his fight with cancer,he fought to the end.
He was one of life / the branches nice guys.I first met him in TD summer of '73 he was a character then.
My deepest sympathy to Liz,Rhian Morgan and all the family and friends.
I did "the bump" with him more than anyone else.
You will be greatly missed my friend.
No more pain,or suffering,just pleasant dreams.
Sleep well till we meet again at the FRV. RIP Taff.

Now all those that knew him will also know that he compiled and wrote a book called "Up The Creek" which sold quite well, so I am told. I have a copy which Graham gave me as a freebie and he said that I could post it on the RNH blog after he had sold all of his last re-write.
All of which were snapped up after the last or previous reunion as far as I'm aware.

So over the next months I will post "Up The Creek" on our blog. This will not be an easy task because scanning the pages without destroying the book will not be an easy task.

A few of the Photographs remain crown copyright, so if they catch up with me, I will regrettably take down if requested. Lets live life on the edge, Graham would want it that way lol.
Taff Evans RIP
Graham Evans
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